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Rafael Jaen’s work is transforming. Thus far into his career, he’s painted primarily from the natural world and convivial surroundings. But now, the artist is meditating on introspection. 


What abides within? And more importantly, how can it be activated onto the canvas, into a visual dialogue -- not just from the artist to the painting, but amongst the works themselves? 


That’s the intentional process he’s refining now, with a visual shift into values and color to contain that internal connection. It’s an assiduous state of engaging with one’s mental health. Jaen is tapping into depression, desolation and transforming that pain into a visual entity. 


For the artist, painting is a lifeline -- each brushstroke a push forward. 


Continue, continue, continue. 

“Three words to describe my work are: visceral, tenacious, real.”

-- Rafael René Jaén Brillembourg, 2022

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