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Painting is reborn as a resource against the current environment of uncertainty about a space without memory, imposed as a discursive alternative of contemporary being.
The realities of these new times have made Rafael René Jaén assume creative silence, seeking refuge in his bunker to shape a parallel world from existing variables and abstraction.
There he discovered a magical universe enriched by dreams, which without knowing it, were filling his existence.

Already in antiquity, dreams were the means by which the gods communicated with mortals during sleep. Morpheus, chief of the thousand Oniros, was in charge of bringing dreams to the rulers.

These paintings that we appreciate in "ONIROS", show the aesthetic purification of a proposal that arises after listening to those invisible companions who woke up in the artist's dreams, coming to life in the pictorial universe created by Him.
Painting as reason and essence of existence. Superimposed layers that generate plots that promote imaginaries to refer us to that indecipherable and delocalized landscape of Today.
Discursive response to the mystery that surrounds the contemporary environment, where a perverse new time is more than life itself, leaving us breathless.


Manuel Eduardo Aranguren

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